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 Rules and Regulations (Read before posting!)

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PostSubject: Rules and Regulations (Read before posting!)   Tue Nov 29, 2011 12:30 am

Square Heart is an art and RP group dedicated to polyamarous (open) relationships. All members in the group must wear the square heart symbol (a heart inside a square) on their person, be it tattoo, clothing or an accessory of some kind, to show their availability. For example; my Suzie wears an earring whilst Basil has a tattoo. Members of the group are allowed to engage in multiple relationships only with other members of the group.

Furaffinity: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/squareheartrelations
devaintART: N/A

Board Rules
1. The general rules of the Square Heart group apply. http://www.furaffinity.net/user/squareheartrelations/

2. This board is open to any group member, including those under 18 or those uncomfortable with adult RP. Keep all mature content to its specific section. If an RP starts to turn towards adult situations take those scenes to the Hot'n'Stuffy forum.

3. Do not post mature images. You may link to a mature image offsite if it is clearly labelled as NSFW (not safe for work) when linked.

This also means no mature images in avatars and signatures.

4. Flaming or harassing members will not be tolerated and will result in a warning or ban.

5. Remember, just because this is a polyamarous group doesn't mean you are entitled to have a relationship with every character, only that the possibility is there. Don't push your kinks on other people if they don't appreciate them. Every character has a different personality and they won't all necessarily get along! If a character expresses their dislike, well tough luck. DO NOT harass the RPer. You will be warned or banned.

6. Continuing to disrespect a player will result in up to three(3) warnings and then a temp ban. You may be banned from both the RP forum and the Square Heart group in general.

7. Do not use l33t speak or txt spk while RPing, or excessive CAPS LOCK. Use proper English. If English is not your first language, just do the best you can.

8. Do not control other people's characters without that player's permission!

9. Anyone can control NPCs created in the group (ex. Milos & Annette), but do try to keep to their given personalities and don't have them be in two or more places at once in the same RP.

10. No Godmodding!

11. If you are having problems with anything, or have a question PM me (SquareHeart).

The Banner
Square Heart is primarily an art group so those who are the most active submitting group-related art have their character added to the banner. However, those most active on the forums may have their character added too. I want to see so many chibis in the banner that's it's completely unreadable!


KEY: Suzie | Thea | Clyde | Basil | ((OOC))
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Rules and Regulations (Read before posting!)
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